Health Insurance

Get a custom quote for individuals, families, business group or Covered California. By simply providing a little information, we can help determine eligibility and strategies for cost effective protection that meets your needs. Your unique financial and medical needs determine the strategy best suited for you. We’ll bring clarity to a complex subject and assist you in determining the insurance company and plan that best matchs our budget and concerns. Click here for a no cost, no obligation in person or phone consultation.

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Learn how to supplement your Medicare coverage to match your goals and budget.  The most frequent costly errors in choosing plans are common misunderstandings of prescription drug coverage.  Medicare coverage options can be very confusing and we help bring clarity and simplicity to the process of choosing.  For a no cost, no obligation in person or phone consultaton for Medicare Supplements, Prescriptions Plans and Medicare Advantage plans click here.

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Life Insurance

We’ll help you find the most cost effective coverage for you, your family and business needs.  Whether the right solution for you is Termporary or Permanent, or both, we can help you match the proper coverage and insurance company for your custom affordable solution.  We specialize in difficult cases and there is no policy too small or large for us to provide.  Click here to initiate a no cost, no obligation in person or phone consultation.

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Long Term Care Planning

The need for extended care, can be the single most distruptive event for even the best planned retirement portfolio.  Given your unique personal family and financial resources, we’ll explain all the possible solutions available to pay for the extended care that health insurance and Medicare do not pay. Click here for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

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Income Protection and Disability Insurance

These solutions are often called “health insurance that pays you.”  Your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income, but when you are unable to earn an income because of illness or injury, these plans pay you when you need the income the most, to continue to meet your financial obligations, protect your family and your business.  If you would like to see how affordable this protection can be, click here for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

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Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental plans often have limited benefits, so plans work best with less out of pocket when visiting participating dentists.  It’s best to check provider lists and preferred plans with your dentist before selecting a plan.  For immediate dental and vision quotes please click here.

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